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Three general categories of video-conferencing equipment are available on the market today. But which is the best for business use? A report by equipment supplier Citrix identifies the three option..
Businesses have been willing to spend on travel to meetings because people value face-to-face contact. The ability to read facial expressions results in greater trust in what’s being communicated..
Not all video conferencing systems on the market today are suited for business use. Choosing the right one for day-to-day use, as well as for critical meetings and presentations, involves consideri..
Virtual meetings may be commonplace for today’s businesses, but to get the best out of them, they must be carefully planned. Harvard Business School has published guidelines to enable users to im..
Good lighting, an uncluttered background, and high-definition cameras are among the essentials for getting the best online video results in applications such as training. Other examples of best pra..
Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts are about the most well-known web based conferencing systems and they come free of charge. Why then do businesses opt for paid platforms and not take advantage o..
Integrating e-commerce technology with web-based training can deliver many benefits to training organisations and their customers, according to a report by Wainhouse Research. By reducing delay bet..
Delivering training programs via the web can save businesses money by allowing them to reach more employees or customers without having to employ more trainers. It can also give them a competitive ..
Businesses could save at least $10,000 per employee per year if their workers were to work from home for half of their working time, according to a report by Telework Research Network (TRN). Saving..